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Production Stopped with Drake’s Aaliyah Project

Production Halted on Drake's Posthumous Aaliyah Project

The would-be Aaliyah record of unreleased tracks from the late singer is staying on the shelf — for good, this time. Production of the posthumous album, spearheaded by Noah "40" Shebib and Drake, has been halted, according to a new Vibe interview with Shebib. "

Aaliyah’s label, Blackground — the Hankersons, her uncle and cousin — came to me and said, 'If she was around, she’d want you to do this [posthumous] project,' " Shebib told Vibe of how the project first began. "I’ve been obsessed with Aaliyah forever, and I know Drake has his relationship with her. But that opportunity was mine. Drake said, 'Can I do it with you?' and I was like, 'Of course, we’ll do it together.' "

"The world reacting to Drake’s involvement so negatively, I just wanted nothing to do with it," Shebib continued. "That was a very sad experience for me. I was naive to the politics surrounding Aaliyah’s legacy and a bit ignorant to Timbaland’s relationship and everybody else involved and how they’d feel. Tim said to me, 'Don’t stop, make the album.' I think that was Tim taking the position of, 'I’m not going to stop you. If you’re not going to do it, that’s your decision.' But ultimately, I wasn’t comfortable and didn’t like the stigma."

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