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Racist Trolls, Leave Steve Harvey Alone for that Miss Universe Gaffe

Hey there, trolls…I know you’re hungry.  There isn’t as much online food for you to consume, especially with media outlets closing their comments in part because of your bigoted, sick vitriol and other unsavory shenanigans.

So, perhaps you saw Steve Harvey’s mistake at the Miss Universe pageant as a veritable buffet.  Yes, a Black man with mo’ money was given a world platform, the Miss Universe platform, no less.  That Black man is Steve Harvey, so it’s even more tantalizing for you.

I get it.

You were probably hoping something, anything, would happen…and it did.  He crowned the wrong queen.  He failed hard.  Hell, even we commemorated the moment in this video, but in a joking way.  Because honestly, it wasn’t that serious.  No one was maimed.  No one died.  Nothing was disrupted in the time space continuum.

But you? For you, this was time to call for a reckoning.  The minute Harvey made what is clearly a mistake he is sorry for, you pounced.  You called him the n-word, you called him a monkey.  You basically did the job that nobody is paying you to do.  And for what?  What do you gain from being this publicly and aggressively awful? Are you sent a check each time your IP address is banned?  Does another troll get his wings every time an n-bomb is dropped?  Just look at this madness and shout out to @keiopensdoors for alerting us to this foolery in progress.  

Help me understand because I certainly don’t remember all this racially charged tension and virtual insanity when John Travolta got his Saturday Night Fever fanny up on the stage at the Oscars and pretty much made up an entirely new name for Idina Menzel.  I mean, at least Steve looked at a paper.  I don’t know what the heck John was looking at because I’m guessing the teleprompter at the Oscars wasn’t throwing back Sanskrit.  Adelle Nazeem?

Yeah, you aren’t for justice.  You aren’t worried about those pageant contestants.  Be real with us. You’re just out here for the foolery.  You have no social skills, online race baiters.  Be. Gone.

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