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Two Fellow Rappers Defend Fabolous Amid Domestic Violence Charges

Brooklyn rapper Fabolous was recently charged with aggravated assault against his girlfriend and the mother of is two sons, Emily Bustamante, after she accused the rapper of knocking her teeth loose and threatening her father.

Because of his laid-back demeanor, many fans are still shocked the “Baby” rapper could do such a thing, but after footage of the MC losing his cool in front of their home went viral, many are done with him.

He does have support by way of two fellow rappers, as his brother, Paul Cain and west coast spitter The Game are calling for the public to lay off of the rapper until all the facts are made clear.

Cain took to Instagram to speak on the matter, telling fans to mind their business and avoid the subject if they ever run into him.

“You don’t know anything. The bloggers don’t know anything. Y’all reading some sh*t off the internet and really arguing over some sh*t like you know something. Mind your f**king business. Y’all could say whatever the f*ck y’all want…but if you see me in person, don’t come at with me with that dumb sh*t…”

The Game also shared his thoughts, saying he believes social media shouldn’t be exacerbating the sensitive situation.

After being called out by fans, the “Hate It or Love It” lyricist clarified his statement, saying he doesn’t support abuse, but believes followers should refrain from being overly-critical, especially considering the family dynamics involved.

#TheGame stepped back into #TheShadeRoom to clarify his previous comment!

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