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Remy Ma on Witnessing Abuse as a Child: It Was the Norm

In support of the anti-sexual assault Time’s Up movement, several celebrities wore a white rose to Sunday nights Grammy ceremony, including Bronx rapper Remy Ma.

The MC later took to Instagram to share why it was so important for her to support the Time’s Up movement, saying to witness abuse as a child was normal, an unfortunate reality for many young people.

“I grew up in a time (and in a home) where abuse of women was the norm,” she wrote. “It was common & like nothing for a woman in my family to have a black eye from her partner or to hear a story about how one of them had been sexually abused by a family member or ‘friend.’”

She went on to explain whey she refused to become a victim, and why is so important to support those who are.

“So at a really young age I vowed to never tolerate such behavior. Not at home and not anywhere else! #TIMESUP. It’s time for safety and equality in the workplace. I fully support my sisters 🙏🏽#WhyIWearAWhiteRose #RemyMa.”

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