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Robert Glasper Talks Lauryn Hill Disrespecting Artists & Stealing Music

Robert Glasper Talks Lauryn Hill Disrespecting Artists & Stealing Music

There have been plenty of unusual rumors surrounding Lauryn Hill over the years, and according to jazz pianist Robert Glasper, at least some of them are true.

The Grammy-winning musician recently sat down with The Mad Hatta Morning Show on 97.9, where he discussed his own experience with the Fugees alum after being asked what artists have rightfully earned a reputation for rude behavior.

“I’ll say a name. You ready? Lauryn Hill,” Glasper replied. He went on to describe her mistreatment of band members and threats to cut their pay the day before showtime.

“My boy’s like, ‘Yo Lauryn has a show in New York, do you want to play?’ So I said, ‘What’s the deal?’ He’s like, ‘We’re rehearsing for one week for a 20 minute show.’ So we rehearse a whole week, like 10 hours a day. Every day she comes in and changes the show, changes what she wants to do. Completely. The last rehearsal, she doesn’t show up. Her manager comes in and says, ‘Lauryn’s not really feeling the way you guys have been learning the music so we’re going to cut your pay in half. The last rehearsal. The day before the show. First of all, we weren’t getting paid that much anyway but understand she’s getting half a million dollars. So seriously? You’re going to take these five musicians and cut their pay in half?”

The Emmy-winner also said he was told, “Just so you know, don’t look her in the eye and you have to call her Ms. Hill.”

Glasper figured out a way to receive his full payment for the gig and referred to Hill by her first name during rehearsal.

“You can’t come into a situation especially when you’ve already stolen all of my friends’ music. Miseducation was made by great musicians and producers that I know personally. So you got a big hand off of music that you didn’t even write. You feel me though?”

The musician went on to say he’s met legends like Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Herbie Hancock who are all more humble than Hill.

“If those three people can be cool, Lauryn Hill should be able to be cool. You haven’t done enough to be the way you are. The one thing you did that was great, you didn’t do… I’m out here.

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“She took the credit for making the classic album. Those songs were written by other people and they did not get their credit. She likes to take credit so she can become this super person.”

In the end, Glasper hopes Ms. Hill will see the error of her ways.

“People can change. I’m not sh*tting on her forever. But that’s the stuff that really happened and you’re going to have to take accountability for it at some point and then you’re good. People can change. I hope she does change. She disrespected a lot of people. A lot of people. A lot of musicians with families.”

Check out the interview below.


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