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Royce Reed Calls Out Dwight Howard

The women of reality television have no boundaries when it comes to airing out dirty laundry, whether it's their laundry or someone else's. Royce Reed, of VH1 reality series "Basketball Wives" and mother of NBA star Dwight Howard's son, has decided that the time has come to finally put all of Howard's business out in the streets. Royce was issued a gag order in 2009, but has recently filed papers to lift the release so that she can share with the world her custody battle grievances. In fact, Reed has already prepared a concise bullet point list to make it easier on the media.

According to Reed: 

-Dwight is not morally fit to have custody of their son

-Dwight’s mental state is sketchy

-Dwight has funny substances laying around the house the kid shouldn’t see

-And she has other horrible things she wants to say about Dwight

While custody battles are certainly no walk in the park, when children are involved it's often best not to let the battle turn into a three ring circus. Reed might be shooting herself in the foot because emotions may be fleeting, but a blog post lasts forever. At the same time, Howard may want to be wary in how he decides to move forward, because it seems as if Reed may have a few little secrets up her sleeves and has no qualms about playing dirty.

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