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Ryan Reynolds Sits Down with EBONY as Deadpool in Hilarious Interview

Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds

No film has quite been marketed as Deadpool 2 and Ryan Reynolds has gone all out while promoting the movie as the titular character.

Reynolds has appeared in character in videos with Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the X-Men franchise, to a music video with fellow Canadian Céline Dion.

Reynolds Deadpool recently sat down with EBONY’s Chandler Estelle in an exclusive interview where called Josh Brolin, who plays Cable, an “as*h*le” and told her who the raunchy R-Rated action flick isn’t for “people who are easily offended, those with taste and a sense of humor. People who don’t like to waste time or money and Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Ronaldo probably doesn’t mind.

The Dave & Buster’s fan’s expectations for the film are low and admits that it was a money grab, which we can’t dispute since it made $125 million at the box office this past weekend.



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