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Sade Talks ‘Bring Me Home Live,’ Touring, Music & What’s Next

Sade fans have been waiting patiently for the release of the DVD, Bring Me Home Live 2011 and it’s finally here. The captivating concert that thrilled worldwide audiences last year has been packaged up for the enjoyment of those who were in attendance to relive the magical memories and those who were unable to attend to feel as if they, too, were there. The larger-than-life production, produced by llySophie Muller, was a delight in sight and sound, but it was the amazing Sade Adu who was the focal point throughout. SoulBounce had the opportunity to ask Ms. Adu a few questions about this tour, and she graciously answered them all and spoke about much more during this intimate conversation with a living legend.

SoulBounce: Everyone who I know who saw you on tour last year, myself included, proclaimed that it was one of the best concerts they’ve seen in years and maybe even their favourite Sade tour yet. Aside from your albums, how did your live shows become such an important component of the Sade experience? Was that by design or divinity?

Sade Adu: We wanted people to walk away from the show having had an amazing memorable experience even if they weren’t a particular fan. Like a great movie that you might see that effects you and leaves a lasting impression.

There’s nothing quite like being there, being on stage, right there in front of the crowd, knowing that there are expectations. Whatever you feel that day, whatever’s going on in your life, you have to leave it behind you, and let nothing come between you and that moment. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the eye of the storm, and then riding on a wave. It’s always exciting and emotional, and it’s the closest we’ll ever be to the people who put us there in the first place.

SB: Bring Me Home Live 2011 is your third live concert video. How important is it to you for your fans to have this live show component so easily accessible to them? If Sade goes on tour, is it a given that there will later be a DVD of that tour produced?

SA: We felt the show far excelled anything we had ever done before. So initially I was against the idea of filming it, I thought we couldn’t do it justice. But because of the positive response Sophie persuaded me to make the film. She said it would be crazy not to document our best work.

So for all the people who didn’t make it to the show, and for those who went and wanted to relive it, the film is like a teleport device.


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