Sherri Shepherd Keeps the Hustle Strong

Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd has already accomplished quite a bit this year.

The comedic and diverse entertainer has starred in two successful movies, Woodlawn and Ride Along 2, the latter of which knocked Star Wars: The Force Awakens out of the top spot at the box office. She’s booked parts in two brand new television shows – Rosewood , alongside Morris Chestnut, and The Trail, an NBC pilot. She’s entered the beauty industry with the launch of her wig line, Luxehair Now by Sherri Shepherd. She’s added producer to her résumé as one of the front runners of an upcoming bachelor-esque reality series on WEtv. And she’s sharing hosting responsibilities with Rickey Smiley at The Stellar Awards this weekend.

But out of all of the items she’s checking off of her to-do list, one takes top priority – driving her son to school.

“I took him this morning. I went in my pajamas with no bra on. I was like, ‘please Lord, don’t let the police stop me,’” she joked. “I don’t have my hair on. I got these crazy looking pajamas on with my house shoes. Please don’t let this be the day where they take me and drag me out the car.‘”

Good thing the cops didn’t pull her over. She’s got much more to cross off her list. Between motherhood and a booming career – she isn’t missing a beat.

So how does the 48-year-old juggle so much at once? Read on to learn more about her amazing start to 2016 and what else she may surprise us with by the end of the year.

EBONY: What does a project like Woodlawn mean for the African-American community?

Sherri Shepherd: I’m excited that it’s going to be on DVD. This is a film that you can sit down and watch with your family and discuss. If you are wondering how you will talk to your children about what’s going on today, look at the movie Woodlawn. The same things that are happening today happened back then in Birmingham, AL in the 70s. It’s really a movie about football and faith and how one person, Tony Nathan, who played for Woodlawn High School and later the Miami Dolphins, accepted Christ. His spirituality changed a community that had racial tension.

EBONY: You mentioned some of the parallels between today and then. Can you elaborate more on those similarities?

Sherri Shepherd: There are things happening like in Flint, Michigan, where the mayor decided to save money and not filter the water. And it’s primarily affecting mostly Black people. They are breaking out in rashes and losing their hair. You’re going, ‘Ok, why is it only affecting Black people?’ You’ve got all of this tension going on. You’ve got an inordinate amount of Black men being killed, and it brings up a lot of anger. I feel like there is a lot of love missing. The Bible says, ‘And the greatest of these things is love.’ When you love your brother, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen. When you go with the adage of ‘doing to others as you would have them do unto you,’ this kind of stuff would not happen.

EBONY: Another recent film you’ve done this year is Ride Along 2.

Sherri Shepherd: Yes! I played Cori, the wedding planner from hell, and Kevin Hart, played Ben, the groomzilla. We’ve got two alphas that do not get along or listen to each other. It was so much fun trying to play that role. The audience let Kevin and me go back and forth, so Will Packer and Tim Story wrote an additional scene for us. It’s the scene where you see Kevin’s head caught in the fan. I’ve known Kevin for a decade and a half. With him, what you see is what you get. It’s really amazing to work with Ice Cube. I auditioned for Barbershop 1 and Barbershop 3, and I didn’t get either one. So being able to work with him in Ride Along 2 was great.

EBONY: Talk to me about your upcoming reality show.

Sherri Shepherd: I’m executive producing a Black bachelors show. I’ve been very vocal about the lack of color on The Bachelor, so I’ve partnered up with a show called Match Made In Heaven. We’ve gotten a really good guy from Atlanta, who has a strong faith in God. We’ve got some really wonderful women – a lawyer, a publicist, a model, a woman who owns two spas. It’s non-ratchet. I love the fact that we have a pastor on the show. He prays with all of the women before the elimination to let them know that ‘denial of you is not God saying ‘no.” We’ve got his mother in there. His mother is living with the women, and they don’t know it’s his mother. I’m so very excited about this show. It’s coming out on WEtv in July following Mary Mary. I cannot wait.

EBONY: You’ve also started a wig line. What sets yours part from others?

Sherri Shepherd: I wanted to create an affordable quality line, because I don’t think we have a lot of time to sit up in the beauty shop like we used to. It’s being sold on, and we’ve partnered up with 1900 Sally Beauty supplies. We have 17 styles and 14 colors. It’s synthetic. People ask, ‘why don’t you have human hair?’ It’s because I wanted to make it easy for women. With human hair wigs, you have to care for them the same way you do yours. Mine is set a part, because you can still use heat products. It’s very lightweight. We have a cool comfort cap, because you know wigs are heavy. I wear my wigs all of the time. I wore them everyday on The View. I’m on Instagram wearing my wigs, because I love them so much. They are funky, hip styles. They don’t look like your grandma’s wigs. They don’t have that shiny thing where it looks like its sitting on your head. We make really good wigs.

EBONY: What’s one of your worst hair experiences?

Sherri Shepherd: When I first started The View, I had this wig on, but I didn’t know how to pin it to my scalp. I didn’t use any bobby pins. I was walking and the wig got caught on a tree branch and came off of my hair. You know underneath is like Orange Is The New Black. I was like Coolio, and it was not a happy moment at all. It was crazy. Even now people see me with the hair, and they see me without the hair. It’s a little traumatic for them. Yea, it was pretty bad. That wig came off in front of everybody.

Watch Sherri Shepherd show off her hosting skills when The Stellar Awards airs Sunday, March 6 at 6 P.M. EST on TV One.


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