SIDE EYES, CHURCH WAVES: Mary Mary Episode 4 Recap

On your favorite pew? Visine within arms’ reach to unstick *side eyes*? Funeral home fan in your left hand and ready for a *church wave* with the right? *insert dramatic soap opera voice over here* After last week’s episode, will Goo Goo and Mitchell mend their fractured relationship? Is Erica STILL hell-bent on disobeying her doctor’s orders? And speaking of Erica, has Tina’s *side eye* in the direction of her very preggers sister managed to recalibrate after absorbing a quarter of a million dollars financial loss? Who needs Days of Our Lives when we have the ups and downs of The Sisters Campbell a.k.a. Erica and Tina a.k.a. gospel music duo, Mary Mary on WE tv?


I know good and well that we do NOT open episode four with Erica working/in a studio session. “If I can work pregnant, Tina can do thus and so…” —Erica. Ma’am! You’re supposed to be taking it easy. *grabs everyones’ hands for a prayer circle* This lady needs Jesus. And a lifetime membership to Workaholics Anonymous. And a straight jacket. In one breath (a couple of episodes ago) she is talking about being concerned with the health of their unborn child and she’s belting out a new single with gusto in the next. Alas, the production and management team believe that it is important to rebound (read: recoup the lost $250k) with a hit single immediately after brakes are put on the Mary Mary tour.

I adore Mitchell, Mary Mary’s manager but what kinds of games is he playing with those sideburns? Hugh Jackman much, Sir?

“I’ll get there when I get there.”—Tina.  Tina’s lack of time management is problematic and unprofessional. She declares that she is a mother first and does not mind being late for rehearsals, conference calls, recording sessions and honorary doctoral ceremonies at church. Being a mother is not a built-in excuse for chronic tardiness. Don’t be tardy for the party…or anything else if you can help it, Tina. It really is not a good look.

Speaking of honorary doctorates, Erica and Tina each received one in the discipline of music from their family COGIC. United Methodist Church girl here, can someone explain what this means? Why all of the pomp and circumstance and “Pomp and Circumstance”? Is there an academic element to this all? Never mind.

Goo Goo loses her voice. Consequently, she REALLY can not ask for a contract now. Perhaps she can write it on the dry erase board that she is using to express her thoughts?

We met Alana, another one of Erica and Tina’s younger sisters. Alana (who is absolutely adorable) lives with Erica’s family and is their nanny. Alana’s boyfriend, Des, decides to proposes in this episode and confides in an ecstatic Erica….until she realizes that she’ll need to hire a replacement for Alana. Self-centered much?

Erica is hella judgmental. Tina was late (no kidding, right?) to the honorary doctoral thingy and Erica iced. her. out. Madame Erica, did you not just cause everyone to lose a quarter of million dollars because of your “excellent” judgment?

While at an Atkins family dinner, Warryn a.k.a Baby Dubb a.k.a. Erica’s husband is  working/harrassing Tina over vats of lasagna. Sir. You and your wife are becoming borderline pesky. Do y’all ever rest?


Grammy nominations are afoot in episode four. Since their debut on the gospel music scene, Mary Mary has won three of the awards that have further raised their global music stock. Watching their reactions to the news that they received two nominations for Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Song was simply beautiful. And authentic.

If Mary Mary MUST be in the studio, we might as well be blessed with more great music from the sisters.  Snippets of their new single, “Go Get It”, leaves us wanting more after it was blessed by DJ Fuzzy (He wasn’t excited about it at first wuzzy? Ha! I could not resist…). The video premiered after the show. Enjoy!

Did anyone besides me wish that I was at the Atkins’/Campbells’ family dinner? The food looked great. The personalities seemed enchanting. Great, wholesome fun. *makes phone with fingers* Call me! I’d love to attend the next one. And Mr Eddie and Ms Honey: we saw y’all sitting all close and stuff. *blushes*

“He’s proven himself to be a great guy and he loves my daughter.”—Honey. Baby Sister Alana became engaged to her handsome boyfriend, Des. *grabs monogrammed hanky* His proposal was seemingly perfect: she said ‘yes!’. Family is clearly important to this crew and you really can not beat that with a stick!

What’d you think of this week’s episode?

Shameeka Ayers is an Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger and author who dispenses entertaining, shelter and food & wine anecdotes and advice via her alter ego, The Broke Socialite. She also produces a national tour of curated dessert-tasting experiences, Sugar Coma Events™.  Her first novella, Instantly: How Quickly I Realized I Hate My Job will be released in Summer 2012.


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