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Simon Cowell Offers Beyonce $100 Million For ‘X Factor’

Simon Cowell is in a bit of a slump. His second American music franchise, "The X Factor," doesn't have ratings as high as his "American Idol" and the show needs a fresh, but successful face. For the British music mogul, all signs pointed to the new mother of Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce Knowles. Well, all signs originally pointed to Mariah Carey, but Nick Cannon's "too legendary" comment allegedly deterred him. 

It's been reported that he offered Knowles $100 million dollars to join the team of judges, kicking Paula Abdul off the current roster of four. Knowles' only link to Cowell's show is her performance on the British version and mentoring Alexandra Burke, who went on to win the British title. There's been no response yet from the Carter-Knowles camp if the New York-based mother will take the offer, so the world will just have to wait and see.

$100 million? Really? 100 million dollars? 

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