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Terry Crews Tweets Apology Letter From Man He Accused of Sexual Assault

Terry Crews

Actor Terry Crews received an apology letter from the Hollywood executive he accused of sexually assaulting him in the onset of the #MeToo movement in October.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star tweeted on Friday the letter from Adam Venit, also saying the agent resigned last week from his job at the William Morris Endeavor agency.

Venit and Crews reached a settlement in the lawsuit the actor filed against the executive alleging sexual assault. One of the conditions of the settlement was that Venit resign from his post, according to Vanity Fair.

“Accepted WITH HIS RESIGNATION,” wrote Crews in his tweet

William Morris Endeavor has to pay $375,000 in Crews’ legal fees, change its employee conduct policy and commit to never rehire Venit.

“I am writing this note with the hope of us talking in person to come together and become a positive story in a very messed up world,” Venit wrote in the letter he sent to Crews in March. “Using this platform to show people love, honesty, responsibility, compassion, and forgiveness are all possible. I want to use this moment to become a positive influence with you and not just another Hollywood story that becomes the forever narrative of who we both are.”

Crews told Deadline that Venit’s apology “meant nothing” if he didn’t resign from his position.


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