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‘The Daily Show’ to Air Live After Trump’s State of the Union Address

Credit: The Daily Show

Anyone looking for a hilarious yet poignant breakdown of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address tonight can look no farther than Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show.

The Comedy Central staple is set to provide commentary on 45’s speech during a half-hour telecast beginning at 11p.m. EST, reports Deadline. The show’s social media accounts will also provide real-time reactions.

The address will cover the president’s plans for a border wall and his threat to declare a national emergency to get it built. Trump will give his State of the Union address on January 29.

Trump, Prison reform bill

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Noah recently returned to his home country, South Africa, to visit his grandmother in Soweto, a township of Johannesburg, to speak about apartheid.

“Digging potatoes with your hands, and if one of the workers dies, they are buried, and potatoes are planted right on top of where they were,” 91-year-old recalled.

During the height of the racial tension, Noah’s grandmother shared how the TV personality being biracial was an issue.

“When you were here, you gave me a tough time because you wanted to play on the street,” she told Noah. “There were kids who never knew what a White man was.”

She added that children would run away from her grandson because they thought he was White. She described Noah as “energetic and naughty” and revealed she doesn’t watch The Daily Show because she has no electricity.


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