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‘The Game’s’ Coby Bell on How to Make Valentine’s Extra Sexy!

‘The Game’s’ Coby Bell on How to Make Valentine’s Extra Sexy!

We asked BET’s “The Game” star Coby Bell to give us “insight” on how his character Jason Pitts would celebrate Valentine’s Day. Brace yourself…

EBONY: Your character Jason Pitts in “The Game” is very “economical” when it comes to spending; what’s his idea of the perfect, cheap Valentine’s Day date?

Coby "Jason Pitts" Bell: He would "accidentally" "forget" to bring his wallet and his date would have to pay for everything.

EBONY: What are Jason’s top five Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the “baller on budget?”

CB: 1. A hand written “I owe you a massage" coupon.

       2. A gift certificate for [popular restaurant chain] Sizzler,

       3. Nothing says be mine like a 3 pack of tube socks.

       4. A signed copy of the "Dip N Pitts" cd.

       5. I think four gifts is quite enough. Don't be greedy.

EBONY: Is Jason a hopeless romantic or jaded lover?

CB: He's a hopelessly jaded romantic lover.

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EBONY: Your character in “The Game” is dating a sassy bartender named Chardonnay (played by Brandy Norwood); what’s Jason’s recipe for the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail?

CB: A glass of Chardonnay with a splash of Lingerie.

EBONY: Are you anything like your character when it comes to relationships?

CB: No…and my wife is very happy about that.

THE GAME airs Tonight, February 14, 2012 at 10:00 p.m. E/P

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