This Week in Ratchet

There was so much foolery with so little time in entertainment this week. Celebrities continued to be their publicists’ worst nightmares, so let’s get into the tea.

Azealia Banks Throws a Tantrum: Azealia Banks deleted her Twitter account and said she’s hanging up her rap career to concentrate on singing. This would be Earth-shattering news if she wasn’t such a newbie who really hasn’t made much of a mark in Hip Hop. More importantly, she’s been more notorious for the beef she’s had with other artists than the music she’s made so excuse us if very few people care about her packing her Dereon duffle and leaving rap.

Oh and of course, Azealia back on Twitter now, which is typical for anyone who makes a big deal out of them quitting. They don’t usually stay away for long. I’m so over everyone and their temporary deactivations after tantrums.

Chris Brown and Drake Fight in the Club: Chris Brown and Drake have been subtweeting each other over Rihanna, and it’s caused animosity between them. As if that isn’t lame enough, then add the fact that Ri-Ri is not really checking for either of them AND Chris is in a relationship. What we have here is a clusterdamb of foolery.

While at Teyana Taylor’s party on Wednesday night, Chris and Drake took their eBeef to the club and it got ugly. A fight broke out between the Breezy and Drizzy crews, and someone threw a bottle that hit Chris, causing a gash in his chin. The brawl between the entourages basically destroyed the club’s VIP section, and five people got injured in this fight, including Chris’ bodyguard, whose head got bashed in terribly.

In the words of Heathcliff Huxtable, “Theo, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Y’all are enemies because of tweets over a girl who isn’t stroking any claim on either of you. This is what losing looks like. I want both Chris and Drake to have a firm seat in their non-thug corners. NY Daily News has the details.

Shaunie Fires Three “Wives:” Shaunie O’Neal mentioned that she wanted to let go of 3 of the ladies because the drama on the show was too much. Everyone thought she was referring to Evelyn the Wicked Witch of the Bronx, Tami the Bull and Suzie the Messy. But not so. According to the YBF, Jennifer, Royce and Kesha have been let go from their Ratchetball Wives duties. WAY TO CURB THE DRAMA, SHAUNIE! Yes, firing the 3 relatively peaceful people on the show is surely the way to make keep drama away.

Shaunie needs more people, like logic and reasoning. This makes no sense. She’s so quick to talk about how she doesn’t like the direction the show has gone in, but she keeps the 3 people who could bring Hell to Heaven. She’s the kind of chick who would start a food fight and slip out the cafeteria without a stain on her clothes while everyone looks like they went through a ketchup shower.

See Also

Floyd Mayweather’s Plea Denied –: Floyd Mayweather went to jail on June 1 to serve an 87-day sentence for battery of his baby mama, but he wants out. Floyd asked the judge to change his sentence to house arrest because him being behind bars prevents good training and nutrition necessary for him to stay on top of his boxing career.

Ummm who’s going to tell Floyd that jail sentences aren’t supposed to be convenient? While he’s whining about him not being able to be in tiptop shape because he’s locked up, he should be realizing he shouldn’t do things like get physically abusive on his woman. Floyd may need to weather this storm and just concentrate on serving his time, coming out and making sure to never have to see the inside of a cell again. His priorities are on the wrong things. Besides, it’s only 87 days. He better suck it up and do a goat offering to Elohim that it isn’t more.

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