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#TrafficBae Demetria Obilor Is Putting on for the Culture Yet Again

Just months ago, Texas anchor Demetria Obilor was on the receiving end of condescending commentary about her Afro from a viewer. Last week, she reveled in the glory of kinky hair right on set and invited a young girl to help her do so.

On Thursday, Obilor, popularly known as #TrafficBae, invited a 4-year-old girl to help her deliver the morning’s traffic news as well as celebrate the beauty of natural hair. Last Sunday, Tiffny Jones tweeted about her daughter Karsyn’s idolization of the WFAA-TV anchor and her hair.

Just days later, she and her daughter were on set with the anchor. After joining Obilor in letting North Texans what to expect on the roads Thursday morning, Karsyn and her mother sat down with the journalist for Facebook Live series #IAmStillUp to discuss natural hair.

“Representation … in society is just so important for us,” Jones said during the livestream. “I want her to see other people in the media that look just like her and for her to just rock it and be proud and embrace it.”

Obilor said she was impressed not only by the young one’s curls but also her confidence.

“She’s such a confident girl, and that’s so important to instill at such a young age,” the anchor said.

“We tell her to be herself. Do not let anybody put you in a bubble, you do whatever your heart desires,” Jones said.

In November, Obilor received lots of love from social media users after a White viewer said she’d be boycotting the news station because of the anchor’s shapeliness



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