Tyrese Gibson


Last October, Tyrese Gibson was accused of abusing both his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, and their daughter, Shayla. These accusations led to a temporary restraining order being placed on the Baby Boy star. The investigation was closed the following month, but the actor is still suffering the consequences of his ex’s allegations, according to new documents obtained by The Blast.

The “Sweet Lady” crooner claims he used to earn $180,000 per month, which has been reduced to $51,000 over the past year. He believes Norma’s accusations have resulted in him being, “unable to find work in the entertainment field.”

Nowadays, Gibson’s only reported income includes personal appearances, residuals, and royalties. He’s also dipped “significantly” into his savings to pay monthly expenses, including $10,853 per month in child support.

Gibson claims he only has $130,000 in cash left, spending $200,000 to fight Norma’s “false and baseless domestic abuse allegations.” He also claims to have $113,000 per month in expenses.

The Fast & The Furious actor is looking to avoid paying Norma’s legal fees. A judge has yet to rule.

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