WGN America’s Underground never fails to poke and strike all of our emotions. As the storytelling grows more intense and stakes become more risky, week after week, we find ourselves on the edge rooting and screaming for victory as Rosalee and Noah strategize a way to obtain freedom.

“That slow burn, the telling of big stories is exciting and fun,” the show’s creator Misha Green told EBONY in an earlier interview.

In episode eight of season two, Rosalee (Jurnee Smollett Bell) is trapped in her old life at the Macon Plantation along with James. Noah (Aldis Hodge) is on a quest to save them and is working to curate a masterplan to do so. And we all know when Noah’s mind is set on making something happen, his determination

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Cato (Alano Miller) and Patty (Saddie Stratton) are carrying on with their twisted relationship; Ernestine (Amirah Vann) ends up in clutch with August (Christopher Meloni) and Smoke (Jesse Luken) causing things to take an unexpected turn.

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And after Elizabeth (Jessica de Gouw) hears Harriet (Aisha Hinds) speak, she makes a return to Georgia’s (Jasika Nicole) only to find that funds are running low, and the forceful trio decide to take financial matters into their own hands.

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Below, is an exclusive clip from episode 8, “Auld Acquaintance” written by Green and Joe Pokaski and directed by series’ star Christopher Meloni.

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