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Uproar Over Usain Bolt’s White Girlfriend

Usain Bolt

Uproar ensued in the Caribbean after Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt was photographed kissing his White girlfriend, Lubica Slovak. Published in the Jamaican Observer, the photo ignited a firestorm of disapproval with some diagnosing him with a “White woman complex.”

While interracial relationships have always gone on, it still leaves a tinge of uneasiness for many aware of the acrimonious history between Blacks and Whites.. Slovak, who grew up in Canada and relocated to Jamaica, works as a fashion designer and met the athlete after being introduced to him by her business partner. What’s interesting is while many news sites are reporting his impressive victory in the men’s relay final to prepare for the 2012 Olympic games, many in Bolt’s own hometown are holding his intimate relationship against him.

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