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Watch Will Smith Bungee Jump Over the Grand Canyon for His 50th Birthday

Will Smith, Bungee Jump, Grand Canyon
Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot

Will Smith decided to celebrate his 50th birthday on Tuesday by bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon. The entertainer went the extra mile and performed the feat live on his YouTube channel.

According to Variety, Smith was dared by Yes Theory, a YouTube group that challenges the ideas of normalcy and fear, in July. He agreed to the jump to bring awareness to the international advocacy group Global Citizen and their educational campaigns.

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It’s happening. September 25th, 2018. @willsmith will be bungee jumping out of a helicopter with us on his 50th birthday. Over the freaking Grand Canyon. Live on @youtube . And, a few days after it happens, something else will catch your attention. And you’ll move on. But here’s why we want you to remember this event, this picture and this story. Here’s why it’s important for you. Because the jump isn’t the significant part. It’s what it represents. For all of us. It represents a choice. One we all have to make. A daily decision… Love or fear. Discomfort or comfort. Speaking the truth or staying quiet. See, Will is terrified of heights. He’s gonna be 50. He’s got a family he loves. He’s got one of the most successful careers in the history of entertainment. And yet, he’s agreed to a stunt that’s only been done a handful of times. He’s got all of the excuses in the world. He could easily have ignored our challenge. But this, like so many other times in his life, is his choice to fight that voice inside his head. That reminds him why he can’t. That throws excuses at him. That says he’s got too much to lose. This is a f*** you to that voice. It’s a choice. And the choice is yours as well. We want this stunt to be a reminder for you to make that decision. To take the leap while looking fear directly in the face. As Will once said, “I'm motivated by fear. Fear of fear. I hate being scared to do something. And I think what developed in my early days was the attitude that I started attacking things that I was scared of.” Let’s do this. PS – the video is up on YouTube

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In the video, viewers see the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star waiting for the terrifying leap at the side of the helicopter.  Moments later he sprung backward with his arms extended at both sides. A group of onlookers cheered him on including his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, his three children and former co-star Alfonso Ribeiro.

According to Fox News, Smith described the experience as “spectacular” and said he would do it again.

He continued, “And I don’t know what it is when the cord works – first of all, you happy the cord worked, right. Then it’s like the whole Grand Canyon is mine,” he said. “I’m just kinda hanging there and the choppers far away – you’re not really hearing it – it’s like just bliss and it’s like nobody will ever have that view. It’s like me and the Grand Canyon, it’s like that combination. It’s almost like you need terror to experience the bliss.”


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