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Wendy Williams Stopped Wearing Heels Because of Graves’ Disease

Wendy Williams Stopped Wearing Heels Because of Graves’ Disease

Wendy Williams, 53, opened up about how Graves’ Disease has “completely changed” her life. According to Page Six, in a video message for the Disease & Thyroid Foundation 2018 Patients and Family Conference, Williams said the autoimmune disease began “creeping back” last year and forced her to stop wearing high heels.

The talk show host was diagnosed with Graves’ and thyroid disease 19 years ago and has since been on medication to help her through the symptoms.

“I had the radioactive iodine [medication], taking my pill a day, minding my own business,” she said. “Then back in the fall or maybe around July of last year, I started feeling weird in the head, but I’m thinking, ‘OK, this is maybe a casualty of menopause, or we were ramping up for season nine of the Wendy Show. So, it wasn’t until I passed out on my own show [in October] that … Anyway, life has completely changed.”

While dressed as the Statue of Liberty, Williams fainted during the filming of her syndicated show on Halloween 2017. The next day she returned to work and clarified she did not have a stroke or a heart attack but said the experience scared her all the same.

“The doctors tell me it’s going to take at least six months — maybe a year — to level off my medication, which is why I always wear flats. I’m not wearing heels and falling and tripping,” Williams said, also revealing the disease messes with her balance.

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The talk show host is known to have a love for stilettos and even incorporates the “Shoe Cam” on the Wendy Williams Show. The segment allows guests to place their feet near a camera positioned on the floor to show off their shoes.

In February, Williams was ordered by doctors to take three weeks off to focus on her health.

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