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Where Are the Black Sci-Fi Directors?

Where Are the Black Sci-Fi Directors?

Kevin Grevioux

Let’s start a debate shall we? We have previously written about actor/screenwriter/producer Kevin Grevioux whose latest film, which he wrote, co-produced and co-stars in, I, Frankenstein, comes out in January 2014.

And despite my reservations about the film, judging from the trailer I posted two weeks ago, that it looks like another routine CGI orgy “tentpole” movie lacking in originality, I still genuinely admire Grevioux for always thinking “outside the box” in terms of what black filmmakers and artists are supposed to be doing.

And also the fact that he’s got the deepest voice of any human being on the planet. No joke.

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Aside from his work in films, Grevioux also writes and creates his own comic books, starting out as a writer withMarvel and DC, before breaking out on his own to form his own company, Dark Storm Studios, eventually creating the character of Blue Marvel who will become one of The Avengers.

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