It’s been a long time and Eric B. and Rakim did leave us without fresh rhymes and dope beats to step to — for 24 years to be exact. However, the essence of their music hasn’t left the culture and Rakim is still on the scene rocking shows.

But come 2017, the dynamic duo will connect with an abundance of overjoyed hip-hop fans when they reunite for a tour.

Eric B. and Rakim stamped the announcement via social media and even worked in a few clever lines in connection to the upcoming presidential election.

The duo rocked the culture in the late ’80s with their debut project Paid in Full and their sophomore release, Follow the Leader and singles of the same name. Both projects remain classics and include heavy hitting tracks such as “Lyrics of Fury,” “I Ain’t No Joke,” and “Don’t Sweat the Technique,” respectfully.

On the mic, Rakim is poetic with storytelling lyrics that challenge any emcee daring to go bar for bar with the “microphone fiend.” Oh yeah, and he lyrically annihilated rappers sans the use of profanity.

His flow, accompanied with the sick beats and production from Eric B. only amplified their fly style and ability to straight move the crowd.

With the upcoming tour, there hasn’t been mention of any new material, however, their catalogue includes three solid albums, and that will just fine when it comes time for them hit the stage.

This will surely be a moment in hip-hop not to miss out on. The two together, as Rakim spits in Follow the Leader, are rappers’ rhythm and poetry.

Their legacy continues!