Update: Erica Garner was pronounced dead on Saturday. Her official Twitter account, which is being updated by a former worker of Garner’s, confirmed reports the activist passed away.

The worker is ensuring the 27-year-old’s commitment to the Black community is honored even in her death by prioritizing Black journalists.

On Thursday, doctors at Woodhull hospital advised the family her family to say goodbye to the young activist. The New York Daily News reports after suffering a heart attack on Saturday, she’s been declared brain dead with no chance of recovery.

Original story: The 27-year-old daughter of the late Eric Garner suffered a heart attack Saturday. CNN reports Erica Garner, who became a prominent activist following the 2014 choking death of her father by police in Staten Island, remains in critical condition.

The mother of two was in a medically induced coma after an asthma episode caused the heart attack. She was placed on life support at Brooklyn’s Woodhull hospital, according to a Twitter account that has been posting updates on her condition. Her father also suffered from asthma. His unwarranted death further propelled the Black Lives Matter movement, and his dying words, “I can’t breathe,” became a rallying cry to end police brutality.

Garner’s mother, Esaw-Snipes Garner, told the New York Daily News that although her daughter remains in critical condition, the family is optimistic.

“She’s still with us,” she told the publication. “She’s fighting.”

Her mother also said Saturday’s crisis wasn’t the first time Garner experienced heart problems. She suffered an attack after the birth of her second child in August, which is when doctors discovered she had an enlarged heart.

Garner’s Twitter account, which is being updated by one of her workers, according to the page, says she was supposed to come out of the coma Tuesday morning but the update has yet to be verified.

This story will be updated accordingly.