The gorgeous Erica Hubbard may be most recognizable from ABC’s family-based drama Lincoln Heights, where she portrayed the timid, teenaged Cassandra “Cassie” Sutton. But those keeping up with the times know that she’s since traded in the young, shy role for her big girl pumps, bringing a dash of sass and a fistful of funny to BET’s refreshing Let’s Stay Together.

The vibrant personality of Charles Whitmore’s little sister Kita captivates fans with her outspoken nature and magnetic sense of humor. Not only is she guaranteed to speak her mind, but Ms. Whitmore is also known to play hopscotch with trades and duck and dodge the dating scene. But season four has been different. The independent Kita has finally committed herself to a new man, and is going steady with a career as a respected police officer.

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EBONY: We’ve seen your character evolve both romantically and career wise. How have your fans been responding to the new Kita?

Erica Hubbard: I am very happy my character has evolved both romantically and career wise. I am really thankful how the viewers of Let’s Stay Together have responded to Kita Whitmore and liked my character on the series. I always read the fans messages posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about how they like Kita’s storyline and persona. The only complaint I get about is how some viewers wish they saw more of her. I love having an opportunity to make people laugh weekly while watching Let’s Stay Together!

EBONY: We’ve witnessed your character bounce around from job to job until she finally decided to pursue a career as a cop. So it’s pretty safe to say that Kita was still trying to figure out who she was and what she really wanted to do with her life. Do you think she’s finally found her calling?

EH: Personally, I believe Kita will explore other jobs after she fulfills her role as a cop, because it’s in her character to explore. The fact that Kita has been a bartender/waitress, worked at the DMV, and now is a cop says she is adventurous. However, Kita will have the job as a police officer a lot longer than any other job she has ever held before, which is good.

EBONY: What advice would you give to young men and women who, like Kita, have a hard time trying to discover their passion in life?

EH: My advice I would give to anyone who is trying to figure out their true passion in search of a job is, try everything you are allowed to do. Although you may have some friends and family thinking about how you have commitment issues, I believe you are a strong individual when you open your mind to all new possibilities. If you try any and all interesting occupations, I think it broadens your horizon. You will never have any regrets if you try everything you discover just once in your life.

EBONY: For the majority of Let’s Stay Together, Kita had refused to date anyone until she finally found a man she thought was worth her while. Often times, women will lower their standards and maintain toxic relationships just for the sake of having a man. How important is it for Black women to embrace the single life and wait for an equal companion despite the stigma associated with being alone?

EH: It is extremely important to not settle with anyone who doesn’t make you feel adequate. If the person you are with causes you to tear up more than smile, then that’s a problem. People should edify each other! Learning to embrace your individuality is key before adding anyone to your life romantically, and having patience is vital when pursuing the appropriate job or love life. It’s important to have self-awareness and high self-esteem about yourself, so you know that as a woman you don’t have to settle and just tolerate anyone in your life.

EBONY: Well, it just so happens that this keepsake is also Tasha’s ex-boyfriend. We saw some drama unfold between you and your sister-in-law’s sister after your relationship with Troy finally became public. Do you think your new romance with Tasha’s ex will always cause friction between you two?

EH: I believe there will always be a little friction and tension between Tasha and Kita, because Troy has decided to date Kita Whitmore permanently. However, Kita and Troy are such a perfect match for each other that everyone else enjoys seeing them fall deeply in love! Kita just met Tasha a few years ago, so their relationship is still new. But in the meantime, she is very focused on growing her love life with Troy.

EBONY: Is analyzing married/committed couple’s habits something all single people should do before entering a serious relationship?

EH: I most definitely believe for a fact you should study all married couples and committed/long-term relationships being single, because you learn from people who have dedication skills. I always get advice from people who have a lot of experience!

EBONY: What can we expect from Kita’s relationship with Troy in the season finale? 

EH: Kita and Troy take their relationship to the next level, and there is a very romantic scene in the season finale where Troy takes Kita on a plane ride while serenading her. Unfortunately, something devastating happens to Troy and Kita as passengers on the plane, and I am sure the viewers will like the very interesting season finale.

EBONY: Besides your explosive conclusion on this season of Let’s Stay Together, what else can Erica Hubbard fans expect?

EH: I appreciate everyone who has watched season four and told me how much they have enjoyed the TV show. I just finished two films that I was happy to be cast in: Black Coffee and My Favorite Five. Recently, I was a producer on a film called The Last Fall, starring Lance Gross. Currently, I am getting ready to start filming a movie called 72 Hours in my hometown of Chicago, also starring Harry Lennix. In my spare time, I have a literacy campaign through my non-profit, The Erica Hubbard Foundation, where I read my series of books [You, She, Her, Him and I] promoting literacy and mentoring in many different cities.