Cast member Eris Baker of the Emmy Award-winning NBC drama This Is Us sat down with EBONY to discuss the hit series and her character, Tess, coming out to her parents , played by Sterling K. Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson, this season.

To prep, the 12-year-old actress did research on young LGBTQ people of color coming out to their families, in particular, drawing from one friend’s personal experience.

“I actually had a friend who came out to me before,” Baker revealed, “so I definitely had a conversation with her. She told me how it was hard being young and not knowing if your parents are going to accept you or not.”

Baker also took the character development as an opportunity to spread the message of loving others despite our differences.
The rising star also discusses her Hollywood journey (so far), what she’s learned from her TV parents and new short film, Dispel.