Last month, ESPN anchor Jemele Hill made headlines for calling President Donald Trump a White supremacist on social media. Part of the controversy stemmed from Hill’s political candidness despite widespread knowledge of her affiliation with the nonpartisan sports network. Others were just in a tizzy a Black woman with a mainstream audience used her voice to speak out on White nationalism.

Now, she’s in hot water over another series of tweets and has been placed on a two-week suspension from the network as a result.

On Sunday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatened to bench any players who didn’t honor the national anthem—Hill had opinions about the announcement. Later that night, the “SC6” co-host seemed to encourage a boycott of the team in light of the owners’ decision.

The remainder of Hill’s tweets reminded NFL viewers offended by Jones’ announcement of the power of their viewership.

“If the rationale behind JJ’s stance is keeping the fanbase happy, make him see that he is underestimated how all of his fanbase feels,” Hill wrote in light of Jones evident attempt to appease NFL fans who are offended by the protest.

Many interpreted the posts as a call for a boycott, which Hill clarified Monday.

Nonetheless, ESPN’s public relations division posted the following statement to Twitter on Monday afternoon.

After Hill’s “White supremacist” comments in September, ESPN distributed a memo to employees regarding best social media practices in light of the tweet. The network allegedly tried to replace Hill during the week of the controversy but Hill’s colleagues refused to substitute for her. The anchor didn’t appear to have been seriously penalized for her comments despite urging from Trump and his White nationalist following to terminate the seasoned anchor.

The network claims Hill’s most recent tweets were her “second social media violation.”

Hill’s “SC6” co-host Michael Smith will reportedly be sitting out of Monday night’s episode in a seeming protest of his colleague’s suspension.