Estelle recently caught up with EBONY and discussed how today’s rap scene is home to several female rappers, as opposed to the long-standing idea that there can be only one dominant woman in the game at a time. 

The British-born singer/songwriter is known for mixing genres, such as R&B, reggae, or Afrobeats, but one of her first hits was a rap song. Although Estelle entered the music industry when it was thought that only one woman could dominant as a rapper, the 39-year-old said growing up she had many femcees to listen to. Now, she’s overjoyed at the options she has in artists such as Megan thee StallionNoname and Cardi B

“I was hoping for this day. I am so excited it’s here,” the Grammy winner said. “I have a choice. I can listen to at least five female rappers and just turn up; and it not just be the one that we’re being told, ‘Hey, this is the one this year.’” 

“In the same way, I can listen to five or 10 male rappers,” Estelle added. “Now … I want to see five to seven R&B or pop singers—Black girls or brown girls—and they’re all just amazing, and they all got records that I can relate to.” 

She said she hopes she can continue to use her platform “to continue the work of female artists being able to be out here in more than one place [and] in more than one iteration.” 

Watch the full interview above to hear how Estelle hopes to help women own themselves.