In the final episode of the Recording Academy x EBONY “Black Music Collective Podcast," singer and songwriter Estelle spotlights the value of pursuing what you're passionate about. Here’s what we learned from Estelle's podcast session:

Make Your Desires Known

For years, Estelle had expressed a desire to doing voice-overs for an animated series. Though she admits that she initially only wanted to do it so that her nieces and nephews back in London would hear and become familiar with her voice, eventually, the opportunity did present itself and she is now a regular character on Cartoon Network's Steven Universe.

Find Your Passion

"Find the thing that you love the most, and ask for that, and go for that, and train for that, and move for that," expounds Estelle. "Everything else will come into focus and come into play as you go along. But find the thing you love the most. It could be the same thing as your friend or it could be something completely different. Don't judge yourself."

Don't Box Yourself In

A final takeaway from Estelle's chat with MC Lyte is that we should never feel as though we have to place ourselves in a box. It's okay to pursue multiple interests.

"Whatever you love the most, work at that. Find another thing you love the most and work at that, too," shares Estelle. "Because guess what? You can do anything you want."

Catch more of Estelle's gems in the podcast below.