Elijah Holyfield, the son of five-time world heavyweight boxing champ, Evander Holyfield, was arrested and booked on marijuana charges, 11 Alive reports.

The University of Georgia running back was reportedly taken into custody overnight. An incident report says a resident assistant called police after smelling weed in a Vandiver Hall dorm room early Monday morning. After knocking on the door several times, the responding officer said Holyfield opened the door.

“I observed his eyes to be bloodshot and when the door opened the smell of marijuana became even stronger,” the officer wrote.

Holyfield allegedly denied the allegations and told the officer that he “didn’t know what I was talking about,” the incident report states.

The officer then reportedly asked to inspect the premises, but Holyfield said he did not want him to do so. The officer then asked Holyfield and his two roommates to exit the room while he obtained a search warrant.

The officer obtained proper documentation and said he found a glass pipe inside of an iPhone box that contained what he believed was marijuana residue after searching Holyfield’s dorm room. The officer also claimed to have found a “small loose burned bud of suspected marijuana” on a desktop computer.

Another officer looked outside below an open window of the dorm room and found seven buds of suspected weed on the ground.

Holyfield denied knowing anything about the drugs being in his room and outside of his window, but the 19-year-old was arrested and charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and possession and use of drug-related objects.

He was released just after 4 a.m. on a bond of $4,050.