Eve’s career has evolved within the last two decades. She went the Ruff Ryders’ female rap phenom to actress and fashion line owner. She stepped away from music and married mogul Maximillion Cooper. Then last November, the Philly bombshell became a panelist on The Talk alongside Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Gilbert and Sheryl Underwood.


Eve did a recent interview with The Glow Up where she discussed her evolving style, healing, and finding love. She also dishes on how her new daytime role should be an example for all the young Black girls. Joining the show was a big leap outside of her comfort zone because music allowed her to still be guarded. Being a host forces her to share parts of her personality she closes off to the public. She said, “Most people I never really let in on how vulnerable I can be. How goofy I can be—like, those intimate moments—and being on The Talk has opened me up and I’ve had to be comfortable with my vulnerabilities.”

The 39-year-old hopes that her being on the show is representation enough to help young Black girls to pursue their dreams.

“I like to think that just me being in my skin and showing up the way that I show up and trying to be who I’m trying to be will show all those other little black girls that come after me,” Eve said. “That you can do whatever it is you put your mind to, because I’m just like you and I’m from where you’re from.”