What’s beef? According to Eve, her and fellow rapper Lil’ Kim didn’t necessarily start out on the best foot.

It’s no secret that ever since rapper and actress Eve joined daytime talk show ‘The Talk,’ (replacing former host Aisha Tyler), the show has definitely spiced up in terms of Hollywood inside scoop and hip-pop culture news. Not only did Eve give her two-cents on Nicki Minaj’s racy “Minaj-a-Trois’ Paper magazine cover, but the married star has also offered positive advice on all things love, marriage and life.

Earlier, E-V-E recounted a story about early encounter with industry peer turned good friend, Lil’ Kim. The 39-year-old Lip Lock emcee said:

“When I first started in the business, I had been a big big giant fan of Lil Kim. So, I would run up to her and be like, ‘Hey girl, I love you so much. I just got signed. Can you please be on my album?'”

Eve went on to describe what was, essentially, a brush off-esque reaction from Kim. Luckily, however, Eve did say that they became really good friends later on, and even went on to offer an explanation for Kim’s initial standoffish ways.

“I don’t think that she hated me. I think that I was just so overexcited to see her.”


Eve went on to even say that the two later bonded over their “dogs,” amongst other things, and have since remained really good friends.

Once Lil’ Kim got word of Eve’s story, she took to Twitter to defend herself, saying she doesn’t recall their initial encounter being that at all. However, one thing is for sure, Kim did confirm that her and Eve are good friends ’til this day. Kim tweeted:

“Why do you girls always do this to me? Trying to make me out to be the bad guy? I don’t remember it that way at all. @TheRealEve is my girl that’s my baby y’all. We are not fighting. We are real friends. We can have this debate and still cuddle on the couch and watch a movie 2gether..”

Kim even went on to take a friendly jab that the hosts of ‘The Talk,’ must have a little more than just tea in their mugs.

“Oooohhh I can’t wait to have this debate on your show.  What is really in those cups that ya’ll be drinking?”

Glad to see Kimmy has a sense of humor. And glad to see her and Eve are still great friends. Rap beefs are so 2017!