Last night’s Braxton Family Values season finale was full of drama, tears and breakthroughs, as life coach Iyanla Vanzant took it upon herself to help the Braxton family reunite in truth after their family bond had been broken by secrets and misunderstandings.

Fans of the show already know that Vanzant and Tamar Braxton didn’t see eye to eye on set, and Vanzant walked out on day two after the “My Man” singer arrived late, which was followed by Tamar walking off mid-session the following day after feeling disrespected by the author.

Shortly after Vanzant said Tamar feels the need to “fight to be seen,” the youngest Braxton began to rant about what she perceived to be “name calling.” After being told she really needed to “watch her mouth” by the singer, Vanzant asked if Tamar even wanted to be there, to which she responded, “Do you?”

Although mother Evelyn Braxton was resistant to Vanzant as well, she was appalled by Tamar’s disrespect of an elder and proceeded to let her know she wasn’t raised to behave in that manner. When Tamar even thinks of talking back, mama Evelyn quickly puts her in her place.

Check out the clip below.