Tamar Braxton felt backed into a corner when her history of sexual abuse was brought to light by Iyanla Vanzant during a Braxton family therapy session. She later told her own story on The Wendy Williams Show, claiming that members on both sides of her family had sexually abused her as a child.


Evelyn Braxton, mother of the famous Braxton sisters, didn’t know a thing, and she recently shared her devastation over her youngest daughter’s revelation with TMZ.

“I’m prepared to stand by Tamar’s side, no matter what,” said the matriarch. “You know, sometimes you’re concerned about others that’s outside the family, and because of that, and it happened within the family, that’s devastating. … Can you imagine the devastation for the person that has been dealing with this all of these years?”

When asked if she thought the perpetrators were “sweating in their boots,” Braxton said she’s doubted it.

“I don’t think the perpetrators are sweating in their boots, to be honest with you. I think they’re hoping it will go away.”

Sister Towanda also shared her thoughts with the outlet, saying victims should speak up about their abuse, even if it is committed by a family member.

“She has a right to speak her truth, no matter how long ago it was or who it was. Everybody has their truth.”