Myles Cosgrove, the police officer responsible for the fatal and tragic death of Breonna Taylor in 2020 has found a new job. The former Louisville Metro police officer has been rehired as a police officer in another district in Kentucky's Carroll County. Myles Cosgrove's state police officer certification was not revoked by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council which allows him to seek work and be rehired in the state of Kentucky. The state's council voted against revocation last November.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Cosgrove's hiring in a statement. Attention was called to the fact that the three officers involved in the shooting were not charged by a grand jury by the county's chief deputy Robert Miller.

Myles Cosgrove along with other police officers raided Taylor's home in 2020 and killed her while she was in bed. He was let go from the Louisville Metro Police Department for failure to use a body cam and for excessive use of force.