Eric Adams, a former NYPD police captain, has won the Democratic primary for mayor of New York City and made a decisive mark amongst those looking to oust current mayor Bill de Blasio.

Stacked against a large Democratic field, Adams led all comers—specifically former city sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia—by 8,426 votes. Politicos are noting that the winner of the party primary is all but certain to become mayor in the heavily Democratic-leaning city. This seems to bode well in Adams’ favor, while the Republicans candidate in November’s general election will be Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, and a noted personality in New York City streets. 

Adams, 60, a moderate Democrat who denounced the “defund the police” movement, has towed a fine line between promising to reform the NYPD and keeping the citizens therein safe.

If he becomes mayor, he would oversee a $98.7 billion budget, which surely will balloon once the newly-minted legal cannabis infrastructure gets cemented.