Former Rikers Island Correctional Facility guard Brian Coll was sentenced to 30 years in prison for kicking a sick inmate to death in December 2012.

Last year, Coll was convicted for infringing upon the civil rights of late 52-year-old Rikers inmate Ronald Spear. On Wednesday, Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska sentenced the 48-year-old.

WPIX-TV reports Coll repeatedly kicked Bryan in the head as he was being restrained by other officers face down on floor outside of a doctor’s office in the facility. Spear, who’d already been suffering from diabetes, heart and kidney disease underwent a heart attack and brain bleeding as a result of the former guard’s brutal assault. Coll then conspired with other guards to cover up the killing by framing Spear as the initial attacker.

According to an inmate who was near the scene of the murder, Spear told the ex corrections officer to “suck my d**k” to which Coll replied he “should kick him to death.”

Another guard who’d been present during the incident said after attacking the late Spear, Coll callously told him: “This is what you get for f–king with me. Remember I did this.”

But he sang a starkly different tune during Wednesday’s sentencing.

“I am truly sorry Mr. Spear died because I lost control of myself,” Coll said. “I am no killer. I have been devastated by Mr. Spear’s death,” he added.

Prosecutors on the case even claim Coll framed and placed a newspaper article about Spear’s gruesome death on his bedroom wall as a memento of the killing.