Traversing through the adversity of broken record deals, nursing stifled creativity following a shelved and ultimately leaked album (“Love For Sale"), along with the personal challenges of caring for a child with Autism and one with Sickle Cell may have made any lesser individual crumble, but not musical artist, Bilal. The Grammy-nominated talent has persevered and returns with an exclusive announcement that his as yet untitled fall album will be released through Purpose Music Group/eOne Music.

“I been through a lot of different deals but I felt comfortable with eOne because they were excited to see what I was going to do,” he said. “They didn’t come to me with any real expectations (other) than just do a piece of music for them.”

The forthcoming album follows his 2010 critically acclaimed release, “Airtight’s Revenge,” which found Bilal genre-bending with an eclectic fusion of blues, jazz, hip-hop, soul and electronic music. Bilal informed us that his new project may feature him on guitar and he hopes to possibly collaborate with Esperanza Spalding or Gary Clark, Jr.

Bilal notes that this time around his overall sound is less dark than on his last release since he has reached a deeper understanding of life after wrestling with his son’s Autism. “'Airtight' was more dark and I feel like I’m in a warmer space now. Being a father has matured me,” he revealed. “I don’t view things as it's a bad thing that happened to me. I view it as this is my life and it's up to me to understand and get from it what I’m supposed to.”

One of those lessons he has extracted is to remain brave in his artistic pursuits. “The fearless thing, I always had that. But I got it more from watching my son. Everything is curiosity to (children),” he noted. “I don’t have anything to prove anymore except to myself. I am eager to experiment with my sound and color.”

As Bilal works on completing his album, settling in at his new label and being an active father, he finds himself constantly evolving to make sense of life and love. Such is the theme he promises will be central to his new music.

“I’m searching for new things and new understandings. Love is such a complex thing and a broad concept. But it’s also a very simple one. Plus, I have my children everyday and watching them grow there are always new things to find.”