As Salesforce’s Senior Vice President of Customer Marketing, Brand Sponsorships, and C-Suite Engagement, Cristina Jones is humanizing the conversation around technology.

Cristina launched Salesforce's "Make Change" series to create a platform to highlight stories of action leaders who are driving change in areas that need it the most. By empowering these leaders to share their authentic stories, the "Make Change" series reflects Salesforce's core values in action, reaches wider audiences, and inspires others to embark on their own trailblazer journeys.

Cristina’s initiatives at Salesforce now combine the latest developments in customer advocacy, media partnerships, and influencer strategies to help individuals and companies develop authentic relationships and lasting trust with their customers. The result: World-class stories that travel and reach new audiences.

Q. Just like success, people define and measure power differently. Some define it by dollar amount, while others measure it on a greater, more personal and internal level. What does Power mean to you?

Power means you have a platform to drive change. It’s not about individual success, you have a seat at the table, you create space for more people at the table.

Q. Given your platform and success, how do you demonstrate your responsibility to help inspire others? Be it through your real-life actions, social media, etc.?

I’m tired of “thought leadership.” I’m much more interested in “action leadership.” People who are driving change. No matter how small. What if we all did one thing within our power to make the world a better place? This is the reason behind the launch of Salesforce’s “Make Change” series: to highlight those who are using their platform in technology, food, music, storytelling, etc... to create change. Enough with the negative stories. We need more positivity.

Q. Long after you retire, what would you like your legacy to be? When you think of me, I hope you ask yourself, “What could you do should you decide to not stay in your lane?”