Music can be both therapeutic and revolutionary. For New Orleans native Samantha Montgomery, (or Princess Shaw as she is known on YouTube), music has been life-changing. PBS’ POV series debuts Presenting Princess Shaw — a heartwarming documentary about a young woman who refused to let her circumstances deter her dreams. In the doc viewers also learn of the Israeli producer who broadcasted Montgomery’s voice across the globe.

In an exclusive clip for, we watch a discouraged Montgomery confront car troubles and a lackluster audience at an open-mic performance. Ophir “Kutimen” from 7,000 miles away sets his plan in motion to make her a global YouTube sensation.

“Samantha Montgomery is an all-American, modern Cinderella,” said POV executive producer Justine Nagan. “Her bubbly personality and persistent resolve are infectious, and her discovery by a producer on a kibbutz is made for television. Presenting Princess Shaw shows the possibility of creation across borders, ultimately illustrating the power of art to unite people. We cannot wait to bring it to public media audiences.”

Directed by Ido Haar, Presenting Princess Shaw proves that the limits that we place upon one another and ourselves are simply illusions. “It is not about stardom, but rather about the deeply human experience of being seen—an antidote to the loneliness and anonymity many can feel in a world that is constantly manufacturing new stars,” Harr says.

Audiences will come to know Montgomery intimately through the documentary. Deeply painful parts of her childhood have led her to find solace in both her writing and voice. If nothing else this film is a story of tenacity and the will to keep moving forward.

Presenting Princess Shaw will premiere on July 17 at 10 p.m. on PBS.