Let’s be real, y'all-- dating reality shows are in no way for the faint of heart. Enduring the ups and downs of a public, arranged relationship while being subjected to the world’s unwarranted opinions makes the process no crystal staircase to marital bliss.  If you have been keeping up with Season 12 of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight, then you know that it has been quite a chaotic journey for Paige Banks and the partner that she has been paired with, Chris Williams. From episode one, it’s no question that Paige is a dope young Black woman who’s got it going on and is without a question a superior catch for anyone who is lucky enough to align with her. Her energy, her personality, and her beauty made it easy for her to become a fan favorite. However, it can be said plainly that her partner is not as equally yoked. 

To keep it a buck, our good sis Paige needs a fair do-over. 

Adding insult to injury not even a month into the union, we come to learn that Chris’s ex-fiance has a child on the way which further complicates the relationship that we see Paige is committed to salvaging. We were able to obtain a quote from Paige about what she had to say about this encounter:

“I was never interested in meeting with Chris’ ex fiancé. There was no curiosity or intrigue in it for me in the least. The only reason I even agreed to the sit down is out of respect to the process. This meeting had nothing to do with Chris. I’ve made it very clear that I’m committed to the MAFS experience and to the journey - and that’s the only reason I accepted Chris’ invite to meet the soon to be mother of his child.”

Check out this exclusive clip of the sit down conversation between Paige and Chris’s ex-fiance to get a glimpse of how it all goes down before the episode airs tonight 8 pm ET/PT.

In its purest form, Black love is a deeply glorious thing to behold. To witness this love, is to understand its roots in resistance in order to revel in the opulent, melanated, ancestral beauty it carries. It cannot be forced or appropriated yet when done right, this love can conquer any mountain in its way. But can Black Love actually withstand the perils of reality television while dealing with additional personal baggage?