Vicki Chancellor utilized 30 years of experience helping corporations identify and increase value through marketing and sales innovation, stepped out of the corporate structure and became her own boss!

In 2005, Vicki became a McDonald’s Owner/Operator in Atlanta. The former VP & General Manager of Sara Lee Sock Company and former VP of Sales and Marketing at L’EGGS Products, used her business savvy to create a successful McDonald’s franchise. Today, she and her husband, David, own seven Greater Atlanta area restaurants and employ nearly 500 people!

Earlier this year, Vicki made McDonald’s history by becoming the first person of color elected by her peers to chair the McDonald’s Operator’s National Advertising (OPNAD) Fund. OPNAD is the voluntary U.S. cooperative of McDonald’s Owner/Operators and the Company combined to purchase national television advertising, and more. This is the highest honor an Owner/Operator can achieve in the McDonald’s system! 

Q. What obstacles have you had to overcome to achieve success?

As a female of color, the odds are usually stacked against me. Despite obstacles, however, I never quit. I instead take full advantage of opportunities that are presented, and remember that delay isn’t denial.

Q. Just like success, people define and measure power differently. Some define it by dollar amount, while others measure it on a greater, more personal and internal level. What does Power mean to you?

Power is knowing that I am trusted and respected by the people I lead. And gaining power, to me, comes from being authentic and displaying the behavior that I expect from others.

Q. Given your platform and success, how do you demonstrate your responsibility to help inspire others? Be it through your real-life actions, social media, etc?

I take seriously my responsibility to inspire others. Key to this is having an open line of communication, so I understand what people value and we’re on the same page about how we can succeed.

Q. How do you ensure that you stay "charged up," in both the inspiration/motivation sense, as well as physically, in energy?

Faith, humility and purpose keep me charged up. And collaborating with my fellow owner/operators to achieve agreed upon outcomes keeps me charged up. Walking keeps me fit, but also reminds me that with each step I take, I am closer to reaching my goals.

Q. Long after you retire, what would you like your legacy to be?

I want to be known for living authentically, and for inspiring people to be true to self and not let mistakes define them.