Gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles recently teamed up with Coca-Cola to celebrate the brand’s 90 years of Olympic sponsorship.

“It feels amazing to join this movement and to have us all here together to support all the winter Olympians,” said Biles.

The stellar athlete, who won four gold medals at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, realized she was the embodiment of “Black Girl Magic” when she competed in 2016.

“In the moment, you kind of don’t think of all those things,” said Biles. It wasn’t until after the Games she realizes the impact she had on others. “You see all the African-Americans looking up to you. It really does change their life to see someone in their sport excelling as well as they do, so it really means a lot.”

Biles, who turns 21 in March, plans to start competing again later this year but has hopes to get married and start a family 10 years from now.

The gymnast joins past Olympians such as Wilma Rudolph to Jackie Joyner- Kersee to partner with the soda maker during its 90-year partnership with the Olympics.