28 Days of EBONY Love: Tami Roman on the Transformation of Self-Love

28 Days of EBONY Love: Tami Roman on the Transformation of Self-Love
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For the third week of the EBONY Love campaign series, reality star Tami Roman spoke about learning to love herself gave her a new outlook on life.

“EBONY love for me of course is my family, my friends, my two beautiful daughters, my God, my mom – may she rest in peace,” Roman said. “But as of lately, I’ve added something to the list: loving myself.”

The Bonnet Chronicles podcast host added, “Because it took me a long time to love myself. When you take a person who has been broken down, [through] a lot of trials and tribulations, challenges [and] tumultuous situations, they tend to develop scars… I was more concerned with identifying with the scars than realizing I had survived the war. I had to come to terms with that.”

Roman revealed that she is no longer ashamed of her journey and said it helped her to be a better person overall.

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Feel free to share, enjoy and be inspired by the Black love featured in this campaign by using the #28DOEL on social media.

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