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Keep It Tight! Tips To Stay Fit While Traveling


Working out when you’re going through the daily grind of family, friends and work can be a constant struggle. Some days we stick to our routine, other days the routine gets shot to hell.  However when on vacation, you’re supposed to be relaxing and indulging in all the wonders of your chosen destination and that often includes food…and lots of it.  Hotel gym? Please!  Free yoga classes on the lido deck? Pass! It’s a vacation for goodness sake! Don’t worry, you’re not alone in how you feel; workout routines tend to go out the window for many of us when we’re traveling, but we can’t let a week of downtime set us back on our fitness goals. Check out these tips on how to keep it tight even while sipping on daiquiris and having the time of your life. 

Eat a light breakfast

When you’re on vacation it can be awfully tempting to chow down on the fatty, gooey (and free!) breakfast at the hotel buffet…but don’t!  Take two steps back and avoid the continental breakfast with sugary pastries and cheese-filled belly busters. Try eating Greek yogurt or fresh fruit instead or pack your own healthy meals like oatmeal or trail mix to avoid going overboard on calories. 

Pack your gym gear

Pack workout clothing in your suitcase and you'll have no excuse not to exercise. Traveling with workout clothing can be a visual reminder to stay fit and will motivate you to exercise even when away from home. You can also try bringing a workout that you can do indoors, like a jump rope or your favorite fitness DVD.

Get walking

What better way to experience the city you’re in than on foot?  Ask the hotel staff for some sights within walking distance and try walking to them instead of taking shuttle buses or driving.  Before you know it hours will have passed and not only will you have seen the sights, but you will have burned off some serious calories as well. 

Combine fitness and fun

Not all workouts have to be done inside of a stuffy gym and they don’t have to suck the fun out of your vacation either.  Make time for some activities that combine fun and fitness, such as beach volleyball, indoor/outdoor rock climbing, surfing or swimming.  You’ll have so much fun with these activities that you won’t even notice the full body workout you’re getting in the process.   

Danielle Pointdujour is a native Brooklynite living and writing in the Big Apple. You can find Danielle sharing her personal outlook on love, life and travel on various publications across the web.

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