Despite rumors that the "Waiting To Exhale" sequel would be canned due to Whitney Houston's passing, it seems as if the project is in fact still in the works. Based on author Terri McMillan's sequel novel Getting To Happy, the film adaptation is said to have original actresses Angela Bassett and Loretta Divine returning to play their former roles. No word yet as to whether other original characters, like Lela Rochon, will also be on board. McMillan has reportedly been working on the "Happy" screenplay for over a year now, creating an initial draft.

The film has just officially picked up screenwriter Michael Elliot, the man who penned popular romantic comedies, such as "Just Wright" and "Brown Sugar." "Exhale's" original director Forest Whitaker will also be back as the film's director. Of course, the main question on everyone's mind is will they replace Whitney's main character, and if so, with whom? Oprah was unofficially attached to the project earlier this year, but that has yet to be confirmed by either Fox 2000 Pictures or Oprah herself.