I can remember back when I first signed up for Facebook, I thought the idea of having your relationship status listed was kinda cute. For about five minutes. After the endless amount of notifications showing up in my news feed stating that so-and-so was now “in a relationship”, I had had enough. And don’t even get me started on that whole “it’s complicated” thing (side note: it’s really not). Now Facebook has kicked the idea up a notch with new and improved “Couples” pages.

If your official Facebook status is “in a relationship” or “married”, you can visit Facebook.com/us (you have to be logged in), and another page is automatically generated that details your relationship. All of the posts, photos, and events you and your significant other are tagged in together are featured on the page.

In full disclosure, this isn’t an entirely brand new feature. A ‘friendship’ page’ is automatically generated between you and anyone you happen to be friends with on Facebook. You can also see the relationship between any of your friends as well. The updates include the addition of the Facebook.com/us URL that takes you directly to the page between you and your sweetheart. The ‘couples’ page has also been updated to reflect more of a timeline feel, similar to your regular page. The downside with these types of pages (couples or friendship) is that they cannot be deleted, so anyone that happens to be friends with both of you can see your page. Depending on the types of wall posts you send each other or pictures you and your love are tagged in, that may not be the best idea. The only thing you can do is navigate the labyrinth of Facebook’s privacy settings to try to make sure what may have been intended to stay relatively private actually does.

So the next time you want to take a digital walk down memory lane with your “soul mate,” you can thank Facebook for making it even easier to do. But just remember those privacy settings, because you won’t be traveling that road alone.

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