Singer Faith Evans and producer/reality star Stevie J don’t believe the Notorious B.I.G. would have had an issue with their marriage if he was alive today. The newlyweds shared their views on an episode of the new BET series, Raq Rants, hosted by Raquel Harper.

Evans married the late rapper in August 1994 and gave birth to their son, C.J. Wallace, five months before B.I.G. died. According to Page Six, Stevie is the child’s godfather.

Both musical artists were signed to Bad Boy Records and had close friendships with Stevie, who produced heavily for the label including Evans’ song, “Soon As I Get Home (REMIX),”

“How do you think B.I.G. would feel about ya’ll being married now,” Harper asked.

“Listen, it’s 27 years later and I’m sure he’d be happy that she’s happy,” the Love & Hip Hop star responded.

He continued, “He’d be doing his thing. I just make sure that she’s good and we’re good.”

Evans shared the same sentiment but also added that it’s not an issue because Biggie and Stevie didn’t run in the same circle. She believes it would be an issue if she was in an intimate relationship with members Junior Mafia, a rap group consisting of the rapper’s childhood friends.

“If I started dating Lil Cease or Nino [Brown] or Banger or somebody, then I would look at myself like, ‘B***h, what are you doing?’” the singer said.

Evans pointed out that she was married to record executive Todd Russaw after Biggie’s untimely death.

“And I had a whole other 14-year marriage between this marriage and Big,” she added.

Evans and Stevie J eloped in Las Vegas in July. Their marriage shocked the world because the couple called it quits after dating for a few months in 2017.

Raq Rants airs Tuesdays on BET at 11 p.m. EST.