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It’s Halloween. That means you need to line up a few things, including great costume ideas for you and your crew, a list of the key parties you want to attend, an impressive assortment of candy to keep on hand for trick or treaters and house guests, and an entertaining movie list for nights in. Since everyone in your household, or larger tribe, may not like horror movies or thrillers, diversifying your offerings is essential. It doesn’t hurt to have a round-up of family-friendly films that deliver more Halloween fun than fear — you don’t want anyone heading to bed spooked. Hosting a family movie night this Halloween? Make your quality time memorable by stocking up on your favorite spooky candies from M&M’S® and don’t forget to add a few classic Halloween movies to your offerings. Check out these movie picks from EBONY and M&M’S®.

1.              Little Monsters (1989)

Ever thought of hanging out with the boogeyman? That’s exactly what Brian decides to do when he finds out a scary looking, but rather cool monster is living under his bed. The two become fast friends, hanging out and causing a lot of mischief, at night. There’s just one problem: 11-year-old Brian is starting to turn into quite the monster himself. Now the preteen must decide whether he wants to follow the rules or live life on the wild side.

2.              Vampires vs. The Bronx (2020)

Gentrification isn’t the only issue these inner-city kids are managing. When a handful of teens realize that vampires are the newest interlopers in their neighborhood they watch Blade — yes, the classic horror flick — for tips on how to handle bloodsuckers, get organized and decide to save their community.

3.              Hubie Halloween (2020)

Despite being the focal point of ridicule by his neighbors, Hubie loves his town of Salem, Massachusetts. He puts it all on the line — his safety, reputation, and heart — when a series of odd events begin happening right before Halloween. Can this underdog save the day, redeem himself and get the girl? Well, it is an Adam Sandler movie.

4.              Goosebumps (2015)

Based on the popular kids’ book series, the film follows Hannah, the teenage daughter of a famed children’s book author and Dylan, her neighbor. The youngsters team up to recapture a slew of demons who’ve been unleashed on a small town in Delaware.

5.              Gremlins (1984)

Bad things don’t always happen when you break the rules, but in some cases, it’s a catastrophe. That’s exactly what occurs when a young man breaks the three guidelines he’s given to take care of his new, very special pet. Think being a dog mom is hard? Find out what happens when you don’t keep cute, little furry Gizmo on his schedule.

6.              Beetlejuice (1988)

Getting people to move out of your home can be hard — especially when you’re deceased. In this fantasy flick, a meddlesome spirit, Beetlejuice, is summoned to push new homeowners out of their house. Now, the freshly moved couple must figure out how to cope with a rowdy ghost in their forever home or move out.