1. Safe Surfing

The powerful Cisco Linksys E4200v2 wireless router has built-in parental controls so you can protect your teens and surf to your heart’s content. ($169.99; Linksys.com)

2. Easy Clean

No time to wash walls? Just dab a spot with the Slobproof Paint Pen. Crayon marks will instantly disappear. ($9.99; Slobproof.com)

3. No Hands!

Hands-free anything is a good idea, which is why we like Dragon, a voice-to-memo word- processing program that turns your spoken words into a document. ($32; amazon.com)

4. Kidproof

One of the hottest trends for 2013 is waterproof cell phone and iPad cases. They protect your expensive electronics from all sorts of things—including drooling gums, bathtub mishaps and messy dinners. ($129.99; lifeproof.com)

5. Instant Coffee

Who has time to measure coffee and find a filter while caring for the little ones? Alleviate your stress with a single- cup brewing system designed to produce luxury-quality coffee, espresso and tea. ($169.99; Bed Bath & Beyond)